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We offer a variety of services to small and medium sized businesses and organisations across East Anglia primarily, but we do work further afield.

Six or eight weeks ago we had computer problems,

new web software was not working as anticipated

and we struggled uploading to our site. We changed

computers downloaded new software did all the

usual checks but still nothing really worked as it

should. We checked our server and trawled the net

to find answers. Finally we noticed issues with our

broadband so called BT. Six weeks on and 3 visits

the problems

has been

solved but

left use

picking up

the pieces of


data. The

problem was

down to a humble BT RJ45 plug which had been

poorly wired 18 months ago and it was then

shorting out day in and day out corrupting data up

and down. Now the rebuild can start as we

cannabalised the site trying to get it to upload what

we wanted. We are unsure what works so best to

go back and build from scratch, as they say we will

be back, and reloading the OS on the computer we

much maligned.

Setting up and running a small business is

sometimes seen to be akin to swimming in shark

infested waters. It is not the sharks that are

generally the problems it is that feeling of swimming

against the tide of legislation, cash flow problems,

staff retention that cause some of the biggest

headaches. Add to this BT RJ45 plugs!!!

 This site will give you once it is rebuilt an idea of

what our network can offer to assist your business

in terms of information, ideas and cost savings.

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